Simplicity 8248 and a life update!

Hey. I know, I know, it's been forever. This site is not dead and I miss everything sewing, and I will get into why I've been gone at the end of this post. But for all those not here for internet friendship I'll start with my latest make. 


Meet Simplicity 8248, a 1930's reprint of a collared dress with lovely details on the bust and sleeves. My one big complaint is it CLEARLY used to come with a long sleeve option, but the reprint DOES NOT. What? Why not!?

Simplicity8248 side

I, of course, can't leave well enough alone and made a shit ton of mods to the dress. For starters I swapped out the pin straight skirt for an A line from Simplicity 1325, and the pockets from it too. I need real pockets not cute little decoration pockets. I also didn't use silk, I used a thick ass jersey that I bought like a year ago, that may or may not be too heavy for the dress. My waist line pulls down a tad, but on the bright side no zipper, it's a pullover now!

Simplicity1325 skirt

I added a horsehair braid around the hem which is my new favorite thing ever! And yes, I didn't iron my seams so well, but ummm I burned this fabric twice with the iron and I got scared.


BTW this dress was a dick to photograph. Sometimes you could see the dots, other times it turned into a black hole of light and hope for my blogging future. I tried to edit things to make it look the best, but didn't do the best, so sorry if the colors keep changing. Also look how rusty I am at photos! Hey there door and outlet...but hey POCKETS!

Simplicity8248 back

The back has a hook and eye closure with a facing to finish off the opening. I tacked the facing down with black thread and hid them in the polka dots.

Simplicity8248 sleeves

The arm is super cool


The front has some little gathers on the tops of boobs and below on the waist line. I might make a shirt out of the pattern too. It's just something you don't see every day and super flattering.


Long story short I freaking love this dress. I will prob make it again. Next time I will def make it out of stiffer fabric so the details pop more/are more crisp even if it means fighting a zipper insert. It's super comfortable and I am kinda digging the longer length. Great for more daytime mom activities.

So! Where have I been? Well basically every time someone runs a test on my head they come back with bad news. It started with a dark spot on an x-ray at the dentist in my sinus and ended with a rare condition the top neurosurgeons don't know anything about. The spot was a normal cyst in my sinuses, and needed a CT scan to get a better photo to send to an ENT. Well that scan found a Chiari Malformation. That is where your skull doesn't contain your brain and it pokes out the back and presses on your spine. Gross huh? I'm not going to die from it or anything, but it's a roll of the dice how it will effect me for the rest of my life. Since it's so personal on what your brain is pressing on no two cases are the same. Some people have no problems, others need brain/skull surgery that only helps symptoms, and even that almost half of the time doesn't help.

So that's what I've been doing. Getting sinus surgery to scrape my face with a few weeks of recovery. Then tests, drs appointments, tests, more dr appointments, internet researches, freaking out, general woe is me shit all while trying to potty train a 2 year old. I've pulled myself out of my funk, so if anyone needs me, I'll be in my sewing room.

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