Black Half Circle Skirt

What I'm about to show you isn't earth shattering in the sewing world, but as an addition to my wardrobe, it is.

It's a half circle skirt made from leftover tuxedo fabric from a past dress. (I made the shirt too btw, just a plain M6992)

 and with pockets, naturally.

Here are some crazy lighting effects in an attempt to show this thing in its full glory. Photographing black is stupid hard. It has a great sheen to it that just doesn't show up on camera. This is how it looks in real life, but to show it, the rest of me disappears.

I didn't draft this one, I used the shorter skirt option from Simplicity 1325.

I added the last few scraps of fabric I had to make a waist band.(about 4 inches wide, folded in half) I didn't add a zipper, I figured out my oddly shaped body doesn't need one to get in and out of a skirt, and well, most pants. My hips are in the size range that any fabric with a hint of stretch and a few shimmies are enough to put it on, but yet doesn't fall down when I wear it. I might be magic.

It's a tad on the short side for my taste, but I think I will get over it come summer with 100 degree plus weather.

I did a rolled hem since I was scared of losing too much length. This was my first rolled hem and it came out perfectly. Not sure why I was so scared of it for so long. (A rolled hem foot is the way to go!)

I just notched out around the pockets and serged everything else. 

For the pockets, I had just found a random pocket pattern, traced it, then held it over the skirt pattern and trimmed away at it making it narrower and shorter so it wouldn't stick out the bottom or take up too much room in such a short skirt. They are still pretty ample, I can fit my whole hand and like a phone in there! Suck it ready to wear clothes!

I'm so excited for this skirt to be a part of my life, as weird as that sounds. It mixes and matches with literally everything I own. Even my cat.