Simplicity 1692- In plaid I trusted

Well, I did it. I completed Simplicity 1692. If you aren't aware of all the struggles I had modifying the pattern to be more modern and making it fit, check that out here. And don't forget the adjustments I had to make to my adjustments here. The only new adjustment I made that wasn't already documented was I took in the sleeves, after it was almost all done the overall puff of the sleeve looked HUGE, I shaved off about an inch and a half.

simplicity 1692

I will start by saying I don't really love it. You can see it in my face, it makes me sad I tried so hard on this shirt, and it's just

simplicity 1692 front

I think it's because I didn't follow the rule of thumb to make detailed shirts in plain fabric. I liked the way my test shirt looked better, this is the first time plaid was not the way to go.

simplicity 1692 back

The flannel is warm and soft, so it has that going for it.

hook and eye

I like the pattern over all though. I love the keyhole (and its facing) at the back. I skipped the loop and button for just a good old hook and eye.

neckline gathers

The gathering around the neckline rules. My machine kept her shit together long enough to get through some long basting stitches. I made the bias tape around the neck, and then hand sewed that bad boy in. Love it.

simplicity 1692

My machine gave up on working when I was doing the buttonholes so I just left the hem with a serged edge. I just didn't want to push my luck. But on a brighter note, nice pattern matching right?

cuff buttons

This was the second time I ever did buttons holes, the first on the test shirt, and they are even and pretty uniform. Ignore the red markings, I haven't washed the shirt since finishing it.

no waist darts

Another reason I don't love the shirt is since I took out the darts, and the side seam just goes straight down, there is no shape in the waist. If I don't have my arms just right, it just tents out from my chest and makes me look 4 sizes bigger than I really am.

I tried tucking it in, but that didn't look any better. IF I ever make it again I will leave the darts in, I could add them to this one, but I don't think it will save it. 

simplicity 1692 armpit

The arm hole never worked out either, I had to add pleats in the armpit to get the sleeve to fit. I had the same amount of extra as I did before I cut off two idea how that happened. I do know that I will try a different way to shorten the shoulder width on my next pattern. The way I did it would be fine to shave off a few millimeters, but not 3+ inches. It really threw off the arm hole.

I tried to make the shirt look better by doing one of those cool jumping shots, but that didn't work out either.

finished simplicity 1692

So this shirt sure taught me a lot, but I'm just left frustrated and over it.

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