McCalls 7360 - Badass Plaid Yoked Shirt

I am ready for fall (I even have my Halloween costume picked out). I thought I should make a shirt that isn't raglan sleeves for once!

McCalls 7360

Meet McCalls 7360, a Henley shirt with a Mandarin like collar, they call it a collar band. It also has a shit ton of sleeve and hem line options.

McCalls 7360

I made mine with bias cut cuffs and BAM, plaid yoke!

This was a trial run shirt, I cut a size 10, call me crazy, but the sleeves are a bit big on me, and because of that it kinda looks like a chef's jacket at times. Maybe I should have added the chest pocket (also in plaid) but I thought the yoke shoulder part would show more from the front. You live and you learn.

McCalls 7360

But I did wear it out to a bar fresh off the sewing machine and I totally got hit on, so it can't be that bad.

McCalls 7360

The collar instructions on this pattern were USELESS. I just kinda guessed my was through it. It isn't perfect, but it works.

I didn't slip stitch these facings, I just top stitched them down, same with the collar for that matter. The bottom part didn't come out flawless, but at least I have puckers on both it's not a pucker, it's...gathering, yeah, gathering.

McCalls 7360

With my new machine I did my first two automatic button holes. It was scary, but still super fun. The sleeves were the easiest set in sleeves I have ever encountered. No huge ease, but match up and sew. It was like a dream.

I still need to play around with some button settings though, so I didn't add in any front buttons, I still might, I feel like I can flash too much boob. My next run of this shirt I'm going to shorten the opening. I'd prefer it to end at the top of my cleavage, not at the bottom of my chest. But maybe that's why I got hit on...

McCalls 7360

Even with all my nit-picks, I truly love this shirt, I feel very Johnny Cash in it.

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