Simplicity 1325

I did the impossible, I made a dress that fits like a glove!

Simplicity 1325

Sometimes you are inspired by the cover art on a pattern, and sometimes you straight up copy it.

Simplicity 1325

Simplicity 1325

It took me a month to get the fit right, which I will dedicate a whole other post to go over all that, but for now I'm showing off and running to a New Years party.

Simplicity 1325

It has pockets! and look at that fit!


Full disclosure I didn't make the shirt, I already own 8,000 striped shirts, that's why the stripes clearly don't match.

Simplicity 1325 back

It is made from tuxedo suiting fabric, which gives enough heft to not feel naked and keeps the body in the skirt without any under skirt or horsehair hem.

Simplicity 1325 front

I have never worn dresses because they never fit, or even come close to fitting. This fits better than my wedding dress!

dress lining

The top is lined. I used the same fabric because I have never really lined anything before and was nervous some would show, it doesn't. But it looks pretty slick in the inside.

black on black hem tape

I just serged the raw edges in the skirt, the only serging needed through the whole thing. Of course I used hem lace. I really went back and forth whether to use white or black, I'm glad I went black.

tailoring behind the scenes

The only down side of the whole dress is that it shows cat hair really easily. Here I am attacking it with tape. Nice little behind the scenes shot for ya.

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