Plaid Circle Skirt

I'm really loving wearing whole outfits that I made. People say that your clothes should be an expression of yourself, or that your outfit introduces yourself so you don't have to. But how can one really do that buying your clothes? Well, problem solved! I don't think I've ever felt so comfortable in clothes before. This skirt was one of those things that is stuck in your head for long time, I wasn't sure at first how much I would even wear it, but I just needed it out of my head. I now want to wear it everyday.

The shirt might look familiar, it is good old m6992.

The skirt was self drafted. I used a video as a starting point, and made the same mistake as the girl did, not taking 4 inches off the waist before doing the math. I thought my fabric was different enough. It wasn't. It was way too big right out of the gate.

In true Tim Gunn fashion, I made it work. I ended up cutting 5 inches out of the circle! And the zipper seam allowance is even an inch on each size, so I'm not sure if I measured myself wrong, or the fabric stretched out while I made the skirt.

Taking that much out of the circle changed the circle. I shaved off a little on the bottom to even it back out, but I was scared to take too much off so I didn't take off enough. Oh well, who is looking at a hem line that closely anyway?

This is a stupid ass photo, but look at that pattern matching!!

I did the best zipper of my life in this skirt. Is it perfect? No, but it's great.

Here is the waist band, nothing special here.

I did a double hem...uhhhh...double stitched it? I don't know the term but I made two lines all the way around. Well three...

I turned the hem with the lace, like bias tape, then stitched it, leaving just just one line all the way around. But it didn't look right from the outside, so I had to make a line through the middle of the lace. If I was thinking I would have put white thread in the bobbin...but it was late and I had already sewn the never ending hem twice.

Now all that is left is figuring out how to twirl without showing my underwear.

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