Halloween is my favorite day of the year. It's the one holiday you celebrate with your whole neighborhood, not just your family. You don't have to be in a good mood because it's christmas. Everyone just turns on their front light and welcomes everyone over. You also get to be anyone you want for one night. ANYONE!

This year I went as Garth. My good friend went as Wayne. We are both moms and didn't have much time to go all out this year, or have a lot of time between trick or treating and bedtime to put on a complicated costume.

But I think we pulled it off!

The shirt I was making didn't turn out, but as it turns out, I dress like Garth anyway, and just threw on my Led Zeppelin shirt.

This was my purse (envelope on the back)

Five reasons to buy us drinks:

5- This sign is too cumbersome to take it up to the bar

4- We don't have our purses, we are dressed like men

3- We should be rewarded, we made our own costumes

2- We are girls (shwing!)

1- You already stood here long enough.

We painted pumpkins this year, since little baby buttons is only a year and a half. She finger painted hers, I went for Bender.

We even hit a few houses at trick or treating, look at that cute little baby haul!

I do mean to get back in my sewing room since it's not sign painting central anymore. But honestly I've been having a hard time. I've been down in the dumps and it's hard to get the motivation or the creativity to get started. I hope you can all understand.

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