McCalls 6992 - Needs More Plaid

I have some big things in the works, which is my excuse for not having good photos of work this round, and well the last post too. But more on all that after I show off.

I made ANOTHER m6992, I'd link to my other posts but it's basically all of them at this point so just scroll you lazy bastard. This time since I left out the bottom band it is longer in the back (it's supposed to be like that, so not a mistake, asymmetrical style), which I like but it's a hair short in the front for my liking. 
 Did I take a photo from the side or back to show all this? No. Sorry dude.

This was my fix for a plain, short shirt: ADD PLAID! I cut up an old shirt (don't say upcycle). Now the front flap matched the length in the back, did I show the sides? No. I know, I know, super helpful. But look at those kick ass stripes! It was pain in the neck to add them after the shirt was complete. I had to twirl the whole shirt around my sewing machine 4 times. Is it perfect? No. But I do feel like a badass in it.

In case you haven't noticed I LOVE PLAID #fashiongoals

SO the big projects that have all my attention are, first of all, Halloween!

So true.

Here is your hint for what I will be. Not sewing-heavy really, but every year I always make something that I can use as a purse, but isn't. Like I added zipper to a rubber chicken when I was a clown, or a clip board when I was Flo, or a money bag when I was a bank robber. Anyway my costume this year is simple but my purse won't be.

My other big project is I got picked to test a pattern! It's by a French company and the instructions are poorly translated, all measurements need to be converted. It also had to be printed and taped together, and now traced, so it's been pretty slow going. But it's a coat! Just in time for winter! I already bought the fabric (surprise! it's plaid) which gets me excited but still have bummer prep work first. BOO

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