Sew All the Things!

Do you ever get a pattern and you just don't want to crack it open? Right now it's perfect, and in my head the end result is perfect. If I open it and make the wrong size, then I just have wrinkled tissue paper and sadness. Right now I have hope, doing the project will only bring me back down to the earth of mistakes and errors. In the meantime I've been avoiding that pattern and making other stuff. Here is the other stuff:

I made another Peter Pan collar. This time out of velvet and old cape lining. It's a hair tight because the last time I made it the fabric had a lot of stretch, the houndstooth doesn't have much at all.

I made the collar smaller this time, and maybe a little too small for my taste. I like it, it just wasn't was I was going for. I did do a better job attaching it this time, it's even!

tried doing pattern matching. At least the head hole thing isn't as sloppy as last time.

Sometimes I got the pattern to line up. Trust me, it was hard to do, shit was tiny and leaves NO room to shift or move.

I even used my blind hem foot on my serger. I don't think I used it right, but I did something that works. I need to play with tensions I think.

I cut this pattern out like a dumb ass, lesson learned, because now I need to make it a size bigger for next time. I also need to make the shoulders smaller, the seam sits on me in the wrong spot. I added like an inch to the length and I'd still like it longer.

I also made my first kids' shirt. I hated making it. I thought it would be a great way to use scrap fabric. It was more of a labor than a labor of love. No real reason, just didn't get joy from it like selfish sewing does.

That's why I made this. I fucking love it, but I feel like skirts are no big deal, so you get a shitty snapchat photo. Used my favorite pattern of all time, old trusty. I did a GREAT job pattern matching, just trust me ok? I added three inches to the length this time around and it feels like a whole new skirt and not one I've made 1,000 times.

Now back to day dreaming about having this outfit in my closet. Shoes too!

I even want to tackle the jacket, make something like this.

I even have plans to make other things to go with the shirt...that I haven't made yet.

Now all I have to do is find the right size, make the right adjustments to the pattern so it fits like a glove, buy the right fabric, and construct it all without any major flaws. NO BIG DEAL RIGHT?

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