I am No Cynthia Rowley-2281

OK, I think I am ready to talk about my dress failure. I feel bad I hyped it up. As you would recall I tackled a Cynthia Rowley dress(2281) which was supposed to be, well for me, a casual dress. I think that's one place it went wrong right off the bat. I wish I could show you how perfect it was in my head. A nice lightweight sweatshirt like dress that would be worn with brown knee high boots. Instead I got this piece of shit:

It's a thick, wonky waste of time. I had to line the skirt which added bulk.

Well, I did get the fit right! I could have taken a bit of fabric out of the sleeve, but that is the least of what is wrong with this dress. The interfacing I used for the middle band is supposed to be for a stiff collar, it was in my stash, I thought "meh, good enough" WRONG. It's too stiff and takes some ease of wear out of the damn thing, because it's just, well, too stiff.

OK let's talk fabric and patterns. The fabric was too light, and the lining was too thick. Ok lesson learned, I knew it was a risk when I started. One thing I didn't see coming was the pattern mess ups. In my mind the boob stripe was straight and not a U shape. DUH the gathering at the top and the bottom OF COURSE are going to change the line from how it was cut. Also raglan sleeves just angle things ffs. The fabric had the stripe pattern, then a chunk of plain blue, notice that red line at the top of the skirt? Yeah, couldn't avoid that and just makes it looks sloppy due to the inconsistency of the gathering right above it. But I did get some good matching done at the seams (the sleeves were two pieces). Good practice I guess.

I learned A LOT from this zipper. 1) I need a zipper foot and 'by hand' doesn't always mean perfection (it was supposed to be invisible). 2) Zippers can go into pocket areas and you have do do them differently, and its's easier than it looks! 3) Pay attention to other things in the area besides the zipper. I didn't even think about the band lining up! And surprise, it didn't.

I didn't add the hook and eye I had planned (instead of the stupid bow the pattern called for) at the back of the neck. But I didn't even put on make up or do a proper photo shoot so it all fits together. In any case, here is the back.

I threw it on my broken down dress form as reminder off all the hard work that could have paid off. Too many lessons and hours spent to just throw away. I mean I made it fit like a glove; every piece had something different to do to it like gathering, lining, pockets, zippers, and pattern matching...sigh.

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