So the big project I hyped up turned out to be a throw away. I learned a lot and will blog about it so we can all learn from my mistakes but I'm still pretty salty about it, and need to let the anger about it all cool off first.

BUT I did whip up a new staple in my wardrobe!

This is once again M6992. But this time it fits PERFECTLY!

I threw out the old adjustments I had made, and started back over with a straight size 12.

This time I just cut the neck (also neck band) and shoulder seams on both the shirt parts and the sleeve parts a size 8 and left everything else a 12, and BAM it fits like a dream. I didn't even lengthen it this time and I think I'm ok with it.

I used the softest jersey ever. I got it at Jo-Ann's with a 60% off coupon.

It's really hard to show the pattern. It is SO bright out! I had to take my photo shoot out to my backyard due to weird shadows, and exchanged shadows for the sun in my eyes and a dulling of the fabric.

I used plain black stretch fabric for all the bands.

 Pretty good seam matching if I do say so myself! I fiddled with the feed differential on my serger and it didn't move my matched up lines. It sounds like I know what I'm doing now, doesn't it? I learned that you turn it up (greater than one) for stretch fabrics.

I could wear it inside out if I really wanted to...I won't though.

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