Butterick 5922- Peter Pan Meet Lumber Jack

I think my favorite thing is when someone says to me "That's a Lora shirt". This shirt is definitely a Lora shirt.

Is it a little short? Sure, but my collar is up here.

The pattern was one that I have always wanted to try, a good old fashioned peter pan collar. 

I was smart enough to cut a size 8 to be form fitting, and cut the shoulders and neck (and collar) a size 6 for the best fit, but stupid enough to not check the length.

The fabric is a super stretchy jersey, the same I used here.

It was the first collar that I've done in a long ass time. It came out ok. What didn't turn out was the head hole back thing. Since the fabric rolls up when cut, I couldn't hem it and square off the bottom where it meets the seam very well.

I'll just wear a black tank top under it and call it a day.

I should note I kinda cheated. I used stitchery witchery for the hems. Like I said this fabric rolls so I wanted to just reinforce it, but then said fuck it, it looks cool this way.

Invisible hems just give it a clean look. I have no idea if it will wash and wear well. Here's hoping!

Is it fall yet? Because I want to wear this like everyday.

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