Easy Elastic Bands and Muslin Jam Jams

I've been obsessed with fit lately. I do not have anything close to a fit model body (not complaining) so that means I have lots of adjustments to make, so many in fact that it can easily throw the whole pattern off. So I thought I would start with a shirt I can make a 1,000 different ways, get one tried and true pattern in my stash. Enter McCalls 6992. I traced the pattern and hacked away at it. I took fabric out of the back, and made it less boxy. I also thought I would try my hand at leggings. Why not bite off more than you can chew? I used the pants from New Look 6323. Anyway why would you make a muslin when you can just make pajamas? 

The top I've made before so I won't go on and on about it. It's short sleeve only because I ran out of fabric, and I lazied out and just zig zaged the hem.

For a first try at leggings I think the fit came out great! I was going to cut a small, but after looking over my measurements beyond waist, I doubtfully cut an extra small. If I wanted yoga pants however I would have to take it in below the knees. Oh and I took some length off and drafted those cuffs at the bottom to help tie in the shirt.

I did find the easiest way to do an elastic waist band without doing that damn casting-threading the elastic through shit. Which I always mess up. Why does everyone act like that is easy?

This technique might have a name, but being self taught I don't know what it is. I believe that if everyone learns from the same place, no one does anything different. 

Start by making the ring of elastic. WHAT? Yeah, start that way, not end that way. Sew it together flat.

NOT this way, you get a weird bulge that way.

Then on the inside of the completed pants (wrong side of fabric) place the ring at the top of the fabric and serge it.

Or fold the top down a bit and zig zag stitch the top. This will become the bottom of the elastic and will show on the inside.

Then fold the whole thing down and top stitch two rows.

When you top stitch, pull both directions, expanding the elastic all the way. The stitches should be at the bottom, not the top like where my machine foot is. OOPS.

Like this.

Less room for error this way, no twisting, threading, pulling or trying to sew elastic closed with an inch of room to do so. 

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