New Look A6323 - Nun of your business

First off I cut my hair, and I don't know if I like it or not, so be nice. Second I learned a valuable alteration lesson: do it with the pattern and not the finished shirt, you'll see...

I took another crack at New look 6323. Only this time I thought I'd get a better fit. I took like an inch out of the shoulders, my neck to shoulder seam is only like 2 inches long!

I made the neck hole smaller, and it's still too big. I like me some crew necks.

I just serged the raw edge instead of hemming it for a little length, ok not really, it was a style choice. I wanted more white to show, but after washing it, it kinda rolls so you can't really see it anyway.

And do I look like a nun? I get a strong nun vibe.

So this is where shit gets weird. I thought I was pro and could just change the back piece. Instead of two pieces and some gathering I thought I could just cut it out as one big piece.

I just taped it together and went on my merry way. Well after I sewed it all together I had WAY too much fabric just hanging off my back. I looked like I was wearing a big sack. Not cute.

Enter this weird seam. I tried a dart. I tried shirring at the lower back. I tried and failed at a lot of things back there. I don't really want to talk about it. I wasted an hour fixing my fix. This looked ok so I gave up.

I def need to figure out which thread from the serger shows if the seams pulls open a bit. ack.

Well, lessons were learned. Something did dawn on me though which started my whole alteration adventure. I make custom clothing but they never fit like they are custom made. I just cut a generic size and hope for the best. I have spent the morning measuring the shit out of myself and drafting a new shirt out of Mccalls 6992. I'm going to try for some pajamas, even take a shot at leggings. I figured if I have as much trouble with fit as I did with this shirt, fuck it they are just pajamas.

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