Mccalls m6992 - My New Favorite Shirt

I would love to tell you about my new shirt, but first let me take a selfie. 

Ok, but for realz, NEW FAVORITE SHIRT! Meet Mccalls m6992 It's a raglan sleeved shirt with 8,000 different ways to spice it up, and yet I still had to be different...

I added plaid elbow patches!

I also extended the shirt a whole inch.

Yes, that is the same gray fabric as the last shirt I made.

I had the white rib knit, and the plaid so the whole shirt cost me like 13 bucks.

Speaking of the cuff, man, this trim would not be as good without my serger.

Speaking of the serger I even switched the thread to all white so even the inside looks baller.

I did hand back stitch the patches on. Which btw no joke took two hours. I added them after the shirt was done (for the best placement) and pulling the thread through the back INSIDE a sleeve was tedious. 

I made the pattern from some round tin thing I had, I knew it would work because it was just bigger than I wanted the patch to be so I figured that was good enough for seam allowances. It was.

Then just sewed 2 pieces together, turned it inside out, pillow case style.

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