New look A6323 - My First Serger Shirt

I GOT A SERGER! In the craziest way too I might add! Ok so brag time, a stranger on the internet thought I have a lot of talent and potential and wanted to see what I can do with a serger, so they sent me an Amazon gift card for 70% of the cost. CRAZY RIGHT!? The whole time I'm thinking they won't really go through with it. Then the gift card will bounce or something, then Amazon will cancel my order...NOPE. It totally showed up at my house. The machine came pre threaded and on some setting that I could use so I haven't really used it yet. It's going to be one hell of a learning curve. Right now it just feels like a new car but I'm in love.

Meet New Look A6323 p.s. don't order it there, I got it at Walmart for $2.97

I also got the fabric on clearance at Walmart. Two yards for $6! It's like a stretch jersey knit and kinda thick. Think if a t-shirt and a sweatshirt had a baby.

My original plan was to have that back panel plaid, but then I remembered I couldn't wear my plaid heels with it so... plain grey it is!

Here is a close up of the gathering. It gave me so much trouble! I tried sewing it with barely any tension and a long stitch. I was supposed to be able to just pull and the panel would gather, well that didn't happen. I ended up putting elastic in my bobbin and doing a few shirring rows, which worked, but then it showed after I attached it to the top part, so I ripped it all out, whatever it worked.

Of course I mess up the neck! I put the band in backwards and had to rip that out too, but since I used a serger and it cuts while it sews, so the neck hole got bigger.

And I was on such a high from the fast and killer construction of a serger I didn't take my time top stitching. OOPS!

I even washed it already, just threw her in and it held up.

I mean, that's what the inside of clothes look like! Minus the weird colors I guess.

For a first try at a serger, and a brand new pattern I'm pretty happy with it! I even bought more of this fabric because well, gray is my favorite color.

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