T-Shirt Time

Whelp. I jumped feet first into pattern making AND knits and was quickly in over my head. I don't think I will be going rogue on patterns anytime soon, but before I was even done with this project I was planning my next one, starring knit fabric.

Before I start tearing this shirt a new one, I would like to take the time to give a shout out to a nice lady I 'met' on the internet. She gave me some tips about photos, she said it in a constructive manner and everything! Anyway, she said I should make the photos bigger and take them in interesting places. I will do my best here to make them bigger, I still need to work on location. So it's still garage for now!

Long story short check her out here, love her style and she is super great at sewing!

So at first glance, not so bad right? Well, keep looking. (hint hint sleeve seams at shoulders)

I wanted to Frankenstein my two favorite shirts together. I love the fit of the white one, but am not always in the mood to wear a v-neck. Enter my Parks and Recreation shirt.

So I got to tracing the cut of the white one and the neck of the gray one.

I thought I did a good job...

As this snapshot photo shows, the arm holes were very much smaller than the sleeve. I think it was because I over trimmed trying to get the same shape. OOPS!

I tried to make cute little pleats, but folded the wrong way so it made these strange bulges.

UGH. Now let's talk neck hole.

I cut the ribbing off another shirt, so it came out super thin.

And the biggest noob mistake you can make, when cutting I cut a nick out of the back.

Well there you have it. ps I made the cut offs too.

At least I learned a lot from this shirt. 1)Use a shit ton of pins. 2)Zig zag stitch just about everything. 3)Watch instructional videos BEFORE you make it NOT after. 4)I should have used a ball point needle. 

Have anymore tips for me? Let me know!