Simplicity 1465 - The Sinful Skirt

Why is this skirt called a sinful skirt? Well, it DOESN'T HAVE POCKETS! I told myself I needed to make the skirt and feel it out before I added pockets, but really I wanted to whip something up. When making it, it felt dirty. I knew as I sewed up the side seams I would feel uncomfortable wearing it.

This skirt was all made from stuff I had in my stash, red corduroy & a 9 inch invisible zipper.

 Where do I put my hands!?

See the zipper? No? well that's the point. Put that baby in by hand.

And did you see these? OBSESSED

I bought the pattern at Walmart for 7 bucks, but really it's just an unlined pencil skirt.

I used hem lace to, well, hem it. I thought it would add a little something-something to it; even if it is just for me.

Over all I like this skirt, I guess. I really like that it was basically free, and I got to use stuff that has just been laying around for years. I don't like that if I wear it with flats it comes off kinda "Duggar goes to church camp", when I was am going for Rizzo.

P.S. Here are my new sunglasses.

Kinda out there, but Rizzo wore weird sunglasses too.