Simplicity 1465 - The Sinful Skirt

Why is this skirt called a sinful skirt? Well, it DOESN'T HAVE POCKETS! I told myself I needed to make the skirt and feel it out before I added pockets, but really I wanted to whip something up. When making it, it felt dirty. I knew as I sewed up the side seams I would feel uncomfortable wearing it.

This skirt was all made from stuff I had in my stash, red corduroy & a 9 inch invisible zipper.

 Where do I put my hands!?

See the zipper? No? well that's the point. Put that baby in by hand.

And did you see these? OBSESSED

I bought the pattern at Walmart for 7 bucks, but really it's just an unlined pencil skirt.

I used hem lace to, well, hem it. I thought it would add a little something-something to it; even if it is just for me.

Over all I like this skirt, I guess. I really like that it was basically free, and I got to use stuff that has just been laying around for years. I don't like that if I wear it with flats it comes off kinda "Duggar goes to church camp", when I was am going for Rizzo.

P.S. Here are my new sunglasses.

Kinda out there, but Rizzo wore weird sunglasses too.

Another Cape !?

I'm so excited to tell you about the first real sewing project I've completed in a LOOONNG time. The dress I started in my last post is almost done, but has been tossed to the side and frankly is in a pile on the floor...for about a year...

Anyway Back to the cape.

So my kick ass sister hooked me up with my first real client. One of her friends was looking for a homemade gift for her husband and was wondering if she knew anyone who could sew, and naturally my sister thought of me! The friend asked if I would be weirded out by the odd request of clothing. Of course I wouldn't. I have already made a cape once already for fuck sake, so all an all a perfect match!

So I got to work right away and found this pattern. I went fabric shopping with my sewing soul mate and she picked out some pretty sweet fabric.

And a cool horn button.

The outside is a thicker fabric, think khaki pants...only green! The inside is a super soft plaid flannel.

I was super proud of the arm holes. I did some slip stitching for the first time, and I don't know why I avoided it for so long.

I had also added a inside pocket (duh), but I'm so out of practice I forgot to take a photo. Oops!

Here is the proud owner of the cape!

I must say he is doing a way better job at modeling it than I did!

I was told the cape was for mushroom hunting, but this leads me to believe he will use it for something a little more super.

In the end it turned out pretty close to perfect. I admittedly was afraid at first to take this on. I hadn't sewn in any real way in such a long time, other than a hem here and there. I have a one year old who is always all up in my grill (a great excuse not take it on). But everyone around me believed in me so I took a shot. Best thing I ever did. It forced me into my sewing room and reminded me that I love sewing and can make the time to do it. And well...I'm good at it!

After I had completed it, in a wave of self-esteem I ordered new sunglasses. Only time will tell if that was a good idea.