I'm back bitches!

Good news! I'm not dead! I've had a crazy year to say the least. I'll keep the baby talk brief since this is a sewing blog, not a mommy blog. But we need to catch up.

I had gestational diabetes while I was pregnant. Which means I couldn't eat a pan of brownies. I had to measure out my food and eat every three hours and test my blood sugar an hour after eating. Also tracked every bite I took. I had the pleasure of injecting myself with insulin two times a day.

I injected in my thigh. This was too weird.

I was huge and I hated it.

My baby was 8 pounds so I got a c-section. Its probably not PC to say but I'm glad I have a badass scar and not a stiched up who-ha. 

But here we are 3 months later. No make up and coordinating onesies.

I gained 50 pounds, still have 9 to lose. I've been working out for the first time in my life and have fantasies of being super ripped. We'll see. 

Which brings me back to sewing. I had to wait until I could face my measurements. I'm at least in the same packet of sizes that I want to be in.

I found a pattern I hadn't cut yet. It is a "project runway" one which comes with this pointless page

It has tips like "keep your work room organized"...Thanks.

I made my way to the fabric store yesterday and found some wonderful fabric


I got everything cut out, and then just glared at the directions. Talk about rusty! It was weird being in my sewing room without endless smoke breaks. (I quit for good!)

Well, thats what's up. I'll get sewing whenever I get a chance. I.can't.Wait.