Fat Camp

I haven't been able work on my cape as much as I would like, why? I got the shakes! (no, really I do, plus blurred vision)

I have been a LONG time lover addict of Mt Dew. For the last 13 years I have had at least 2 cans a day. 

I had always been under the impression that I was addicted to the caffeine. WRONG. I was/am addicted to the sugar. 

I cut off Mt Dew, and my head quickly collapsed. I've drank tea, coffee, eaten endless painkillers and nothing has even touched the headache. Ate a handful of gummie worms? Feel back to normal for about 10 min. 

I'll spare you the details because who really gives a shit about anyone else's weight loss, but I have already lost 2 full inches off my muffin top waist. Which is cool because then I can be someone's bitch in jail after my withdrawal induced murdering spree.