The Caped Adventure!

For the most part I have ditched all other projects and have been tooling away on a CAPE! I was hesitant to buy a cape pattern (see video below), but now that it's half done I have a full blown winter coat crush.

I've convinced myself that I can be a cape kind of person. Iowa winters SUUUCK and most of the time you don't want get out from underneath a blanket. Comfort, check. It seems British, and thus stylish. Classy Snuggie, check. Will it go with spats? check yes! BTW I will be making some black and white classic spats and pretty much wear them every chance I get, and to do that they need to go with everything.

Well, there you have it folks. I am a cape person.  

Those notches by the flaps are arm holes. The flaps always seemed upside down to me, but at first I thought I was making a test cape, and should just make the pattern "as is" but it has turned into a final product project. I lined those, what they call, welts, in white. When they flop over I do get a cute pop of white, so that works out.

You can kinda see here that it's not just black fabric, it does have a blue/pink plaid. You can also see here I should have interfaced the welt. 

I got sick of reading the word welt in the instructions and went rouge on the arm hole. I used white piping to create this nice arm vagina.

I even figured out a way to weasel in some hounds tooth as the lining. It was elementary, my dear Watson!