Yellow Frankenstein dress

Meet my yellow Frankenstein dress. Like I said yesterday I made most of it in a blind rage. I was SO over thin flowy fabric, so I hit my stash and found some yellow canvas and some thick gray/white upholstery fabric and got to work on a strapless top, and this is what came out.

So-the base top came from my pageant gown, the fabric from my mobster deal. Jean zipper from a garage sale. Thread and lace hem from my grandmothers stash.

The zipper came out a bit wonky. I used my zipper foot, but a fly zipper is much thicker and wouldn't fit, so I did the best I could. 

I am in love with the impromptu back pleat. Walking away has never been my best angle, so I think the pleat leads the eye well. Oh! cool zipper...nice legs.

I'm still not so sure about the front safety pin. I'm afraid to tack it wrong and ruin the whole thing in the 11th hour. I don't mind staying true to my roots and leaving it there, maybe add a few more so it looks more on purpose?

I wonder about the hem as well. I feel like the black thread is in this weird "not really invisible, not really on purpose" area.

The lace is just fucking cute.