Flowy Fail and a Structured Win

Sorry for the bit of radio silence, but I have been in the middle of the best summer ever. With that I was commissioned to make a few tank tops for a friend and have been busy in my work shop ever since.

It's a simple tank. It's even is under the "learn to sew" category. The tricky part however is the fabric. Sheer fabric comes with horror stories all over the internet, but so did sequins so I thought I was game. I tried everything I could, I followed the how to sew this shit to the T. Nothing helped. I even tried the "sandwich the fabric in tissue paper" trick. That seemed to work, it felt right, but in the end I got the same wonky result. (and now have shreds of tissue paper all over the floor no matter how many I step on and throw away)

I need to figure out what a walking foot is, and buy one. It's my only hope. I quit while I was ahead and will only need to re-cut the front. I hope to ding a few more sewing skill levels and come back to it. I will not let some flowy fabric beat me.

But since I was in a blind rage I thought that it was a perfect time to rip up my pageant ball gown. Boy was that fun! I now have miles of tulle that might become niece tutus. But the top had some boning in it, and fit... so why waste it?

I only took 1 pic of version 1, and it was Snapchat to the Hubs, hence the writing on the bottom. I didn't use a pattern, that why it didn't fit on the bottom (wayyy too tight). But I cut off most of the skirt and added a circle skirt to it.

As you can see in a fight to have enough fabric I had to cut one of the skirt pieces out on the bias. I think it adds a little something but I want it to hang/stretch out over night before I hem it.

I'll post full shots tomorrow when the lighting is better. Get ready, it totally rules.