How I fixed a Belt Loop

I had always thought of the brand Lucky to be of pretty high quality. They spare no expense on denim thickness or dark dye costs. In my mind, they have always had their shit together and worth the 80 bucks.

Then I saw this

A friend had returned a pair just like it because this rip happened, and the second pair ripped in the same place. They got fancy and made it a double loop in the back, leaving the loops to be sewn to just the denim with NO reinforcement on the inside. So it also ripped a hole straight through.

On the inside I made a little patch wide enough to cover both belt loops. I got fancy by matching the color scheme. I just tucked the raw edge into the main band seam and under the tag.

The only thing holding the patch in place is where the two belt loops are sewn onto it. (I didn't want to fuss with trying to sew it into the main band seam)

Lucky also tried to be fancy and use a color of thread that would be hard to find (and thus having to take them into THEIR seamstresses). It was a neon yellow/green that I have never seen before. But lucky for me my grandmother bought thread in the 60's where weird greens were the norm. Thanks Granny!