How To Change Flare Jeans Into Skinny Jeans Off a Pair Known to Fit

Once upon a time flare jeans were the IT jeans to wear. It was the late nineties and 70's influence ruled our leg width. As the 2000's crept in, what was worn in high school soon became passe.

So here is how to turn your flare legged jeans into skinny jeans:

1. Iron. Turn the jeans inside out. Iron the outside seams back closed. Keep the outside seams flush and iron/push the extra fabric toward the inner thigh

2. Mark. I am sizing off a pair of jeans known to fit, so I don't have to mess with pinning/fitting and re-drawing lines that everyone else on the internet seems to do. 

Make sure to start by lining it all up with the center crotch notch.

Mark it. I used a regular pen.

The line should ease into the "old seam"

Check yo shit. Make sure this seam merge happens at the same point on both sides and everything is exact. 

3. Iron again.(same way) Get these jeans so steamed and pressed it could be a plate you could eat off of. Don't burn it though, I got away with the lowest steam setting. This takes time. The flatter it is, the easier the sewing will be. 

4. Sew it. Back stitch more than usual, remember these are jeans, and will be washed and worn, jumped in, danced in... If in doubt about an area, back stitch.

Keep everything flat and the seam merge should go so smoothly it will bring you joy. The end of the seam should be an inch into the old seam. Back stitch.

5. Cut/finish. Cut the triangle flap off to a sewable length. Sew both new seam allowances with a zig-zag stitch to keep from fraying. Iron the seams open. 

BAM you, my friend, just saved yourself 80 bucks.

Before, yes weird angle, but I hit my head on the ceiling fan trying to take this photo. I guess it did affect me because this was the best shot I took.

After, and yes they do kinda look like cowboy pants, but the lady owner rolls them up, and frankly all skinny jeans look that way when they're laid out.

Can't even tell.