How to Read a Vogue Magazine

Let me take another detour from finishing my (never ending) yellow dress to talk a little about how to read a Vogue, or any other high fashion magazine.

I have always been taken aback when friends of mine mock my Vogue subscription. It is true that I have always been more on the counter couture side of life rather than the cutting edge trend chaser, but I read it correctly, and not many people seem to. 

First of all you can't avoid the fashion big guns showcased in Vogue. I can't explain it any better than this clip can.

So like it or not, the watered down mass appeal versions of these outfits in Vogue are going to be around. It's going to start out as an idea, a color, a construction concept or a new way to use a fabric. It WILL keep getting re-interpreted over and over again until anyone can look at it and like it. I personally like my fashion choices how I like to win at black jack. First hand.

Now that I have sold you on why you should care, here is how to read it:

Don't look at the crazy outfits as something you could or couldn't wear to the mall.

Look at that are trying to show you: bold color blocking, very flowy ruffles. What catches my eye is more than likely different than what catches yours, so there aren't any wrong answers. That is why people will call fashion "wearable art".

Pick out the parts you like and make them your style.

Before sewing I would look at Vogue as a way to find out if it was a good year for shopping or not. Now with sewing I flip through it as a book of inspiration. 

I have always had a rough idea of a dress, but I knew I would be fighting the fact it might come off as looking like an Addams family costume.

But on the other hand I do really like her dress.

Then saw this page in Vogue. You can't see so well because the lady is humping a statue (which seems morbid and a bit of a nod to the whole Addams look) How did they change her dress into a modern dress? 

Well for starters they paired it with fishnets and a veil/net thing. We can cross both those off right now. They also made it a mini dress. No thanks. BUT! if you look close at the collar, the black part isn't an all in one dress, but a men's suit jacket style dress. (then a separate white collar as a necklace) I took that idea and ran with it. I am keeping the dress all as one, but will insert a white pleated (tuxedo style) scoop neck with a (peter pan) collar. I also think some white spats will help keep the men's wear slant. Oh and I'll add pockets.duh.