If you're like me, you rule, and your mind is obsessed with sewing.

Let me explain. When I see a person walk in a room, I now look at the seams or collar of whatever they are wearing first, even before their face.

When I had the honor of dancing with Chubby Checker on stage, all I could think about was how his custom made denim-glitter suit's shoulder seams where too far forward. (That, and who still wears ck1?)

(Sorry bad pic)

And now this: I couldn't even enjoy a comedy video. Watch this. Now it should be a cute video of some old ladies being hip, but all I can notice is two of the old ladies are wearing very different dresses, but made out of the same fabric.

I hope someone else out there can relate.

Any who, my yellow dress has hit a snag. Everything was going grand until I attached the skirt to the top. I'm starting to think I forgot to cut 2 side panels of the skirt, because when I pleated it just as marked, it came out like 16 inches off. I removed some of the pleats to make it fit.

As you can see here the pockets are super close together

It needs some work. It looks way better on the form than on me. It looks like a country bumpkin dress. I'm swimming in the sleeves, and the waist is a little tight, but I haven't put in the zipper yet so maybe I can do something about it still. I think I might go against all that I stand for and remove the sleeves...I need to spend a day staring at it to figure out how to fit what I'm not sure went wrong.

I am a fan of the lining though. One oversight I had was that I flipped two of the side lining panels, leaving seams visible. I only had it in my head that the lining's purpose was to make it not see through. I had forgotten that all seams can be hidden on the inside. You live and you learn right?