You might be wondering "What is taking so long to make that dress?" and I answer you with this: craftsmanship.

Here is a sneak speak of my Simplicity 1755. The pattern came with pockets and sleeves so no add-ons needed! The whole thing is lined since I am making it out of my grandmothers mismatched sheets.(Since she was from the "make do and mend" generation I think she would be proud....OR super pissed I cut up her good guest sheets)

I am really taking my time with this one and it's really paying off. I took hours on the fitting and tissue cutting. I took my sweet ass time cutting out the fabric. I am pressing the fuck out of everything before and after I sew it. When I get frustrated I walk away. I think everything should go as planned, I even bought a zipper foot for the occasion.

My new sewing room is coming together, I must admit it has been hard working with all my supplies strewn about.

I like to think of this as my own haberdashery. Sometimes I just stare at it and day dream.

Cutting table is taking shape.

Since it is Fourth of July weekend and summer is in full swing you know a girl has to trim her bush.

I also managed to find the time to draw on myself. 

As my shenanigans continue I will just leave you with this.