Simplicity 2317

I finally got my NEW sewing room in some kind of working order and I was able to pump out some pants.

I got a sweet mobster back alley deal on some fabric. Pulled up and popped the trunk and everything. Drove off with (literally) a trunk full of fabric and only a few dollars lighter.

One of the more interesting fabrics was this:

Green velveteen? It's not really velvet I can tell you that. And well now I owned like 6 yards of it. Soooo I pulled out my trusty pajama pattern packet, turned the velvet inside out and made some track pants for Steve Sleeves. 


I added piping and pockets.

Oh and this tag.

I had worked on them most of Friday night then went out and left only the waistband to complete on Saturday morning. Long story short I made a HUGE mistake/learned a valuable lesson = NEVER SEW HUNGOVER.

Things were going well when I put in the back of the waistband...

Then shit hit the fan. I didn't notice the major twist that happened. I then thought that the wide elastic would even it all out... When it didn't, I was too dehydrated to rip anything out and start over. Whatever. Men shouldn't be showing their waist band off anyway right?

Either way the inside is turbo soft. Even the pockets are made so the soft side is always facing in.