Pot Holder Apron

Celebrating a late father's day, I was requested to make an apron for my father in law, after he loved the one I had made for my mother in law so much. (What a great feeling!)

I had made the mother's day one with large straps to look like ribbons and large pockets. This one needed to be "masculine" and I figured having the pockets be pot holders would rule. After a fabric buying mishap the pockets were quickly nixed. 

BTW Steve took these photos for me in a race to get ready in time, so no, those are not my hairy toes.

I made it reversible. Plaid on one side, plain thick brown on the other. Turns out the heat resistant batting only "resists" on one side, so I made it so the plaid should always be touching the heat.

The shiny side is the side that should be touching the heat.

This is the product that I found. It was in a section of the fabric store called "utility fabrics" right around by the upholstery fabrics and the interfacing.

It turned out great. Who wouldn't want their apron to double as a pot holder? Only downside is the heat resistant batting makes a cat toy crinkle noise that is not very masculine.