Luggage Love

Well today is packing day for my trip to compete in the Mrs. Iowa pageant. I started dragging out my luggage and realized how much sentimental value I have in a few bags.

This was my grandfather's who had pasted away when I was 9. I lived with him at the time, and when it was time to clean out his things, this is the one thing I kept. Looking back I wished I had saved so much more, but even at 9 I loved the retro flare. My grandfather served in World War II and I like to think that he took this with him to boot camp or wonder where it went with him.

He kept it in like-new condition and I feel like I've added more dents and stains than he ever did.

This was from an auction house that I had worked at. A single forever alone man died, and all his things went to the auction house because he was 90 something and had no family left. He had owned about 15 of these train cases, each one filled to the brim with brochures and photos of country musical acts he had seen over the years. He also had owned binders FILLED with pin up girls and their autographs. He had a love for rhinestone cowboys and the glamour girls of the 50's. This is the first time I get to fill it up with my makeup and hit the road. I'd like to think, somewhere, Virgil is glad it gets to go on another trip filled with sequins and rhinestones.

This is my newest bag. My best friend bought this for me for my birthday this past year. Due to childhood trauma I'm not a good traveler/vacationer. Over the last year I have been tackling these issues and now feel like I can travel and have some fun and relax. That's why she bought this for me, because she knew I didn't own a cute weekend get away bag.

Since she is my best friend she knows I'm a sucker for anything mustard yellow or hounds-tooth. 

I'd take my luggage over a Louis Vuitton any day. Vintage Chanel? We'll talk.