Black Wool Skirt

Today was my 95 year old grandfather's funeral. Frankly I never know to dress for a funeral, you don't want to be too casual and look disrespectful. On the other hand you should be comfortable, dealing with death and all. I dug out 2 yards of black wool I had found at a garage sale (for 2 dollars!!) and set out to make something for today. This is what I came up with.

A high-waisted,side zip,snap banded skirt.

I had originally fit it so it was an empire waist, but it stretched out a bit, but I like it better now anyway.

BTW The bugs are soooo bad this year due to all the Iowa flooding. We are in just one big swarm of gnats at all times.

I'm pretty much in love with this waist band. I used every inch of this fabric. I had to sew 4 pieces together and hide a big old center seam with a front flap. Those are not only decorative snaps my friend, those are full fledged holding-my-skirt-up heavy duty snaps.

Also something funny about this outfit is...the tank on backwards! It's one of those high-low mullet hemmed tank tops. It's a great way to look classy but feel ridiculous at the same time. 

I leave for the pageant on Thursday and have an endless list of things to squeeze in before I leave. My costume is done and I will do my best to upload them as soon as I can.