For the first time ever a pattern has fit me like a glove right out of the box. I found this pattern at goodwill for 88 cents. Really I just wanted to try out,what I call, baseball sleeves.

I used some blue sweatshirt fabric that has a two way stretch. I have enough left to make at least 2 more variations of this shirt. (Hello pockets!) On this test run I just left the collar and the bottom hem raw, and just stay stitched it so it won't unravel.

It is pretty much my favorite shirt ever and this will be the third day in a row I have found a reason to wear it. (hence the cat hair) 

The only thing I need to change is maybe take a little off the bottom. I like to be able to get into my pockets with ease.

This shirt is so quick to make I might spend my night pumping out a a few more, pockets! plaids! strips! I'm going to keep this one plain for all my killer necklaces.