Hit and Miss

I know! I know! I have left you hanging on my super awesome project, but I need my husband's super internet know-how to complete it; and our washer broke so I we put his know-how to that instead.

While he tooled away in the dark, I had some time to stitch together my corn dress, and boy is it dreamy. I don't have a zipper foot, but gritted my teeth and put a zipper in. It looks...passable. The fit isn't perfect yet I still need to take the waist in a bit but nothing major. I'd show photos but it's so close to being done I think it's best to save it for a big reveal.   

Once again I learned a hard lesson. DO NOT START SEWING LATE AT NIGHT AND RUSH IT.

After my corn dress looked so cool I thought I was a sewing expert. I cut the 1940's dress pattern in a 6 based off finished dress measurements, based on body measurements I should have cut a 10, but I'm never a 10 and wanted a formfitting dress. I just cut the pattern and then cut my white/purple polka dot fabric. I also decided I should call it the pepper dress since I spilled pepper all over it when I was cutting it out.

I then started the pleats, which was when I fell in love with the dress and making pleats. To me pleats are pretty easy and looks impressive when you're done.

I don't know how well you can see the pleats since it's white, but they rule. 

Then I put on the front facing. It was murder. But it looked ok. I had two steps left, put in a zipper and then the sleeves, this is when I decide to try it on. It's oh, about 4 inches too small!
UGH. It's going in the "fix pile"... that really just turns into scrap fabric for when my next surge of inspiration hits.

I guess that slap of reality was good before I hem my corn dress?