Last night at about 8 pm I got a surge of inspiration. I would make one of those 15 cent patterns. I chose the very 80's pattern Butterick 3423. 

It is supposed to be a blouse, but I saw sweatshirt. I make test pieces, not a muslin. I figure if it doesn't fit me, I will know someone who it will fit. I also like to see the pattern in its full glory before I alter the hell out of it.

 I rushed through a lot of it, trying to get it all done in one night. Seen here on the back seam.

 I gave up and thought I would sleep on it, and the sweatshirt will just be for me around the house due to the sloppiness. I woke up today just wanting to finish. I skipped putting interfacing in around the collar. Which I now regret. I skipped the buttons because I like it so much with out them.

Only after finishing did I remember the pattern called for gathered cuffs, I had just hemmed them. I might cut them at 3/4 sleeves and call it a day, or just keep rolling them up. Either way it's suuuuuper soft and really lightweight.

Oh and before I forget, the pattern itself was super cool. The tissue paper was almost waxy and seemed so much thicker than today's tissue patterns. 

And the lines were thicker and darker, AND had the seam allowance already marked on it. The instructions were a breeze due to coloring in of right-side-wrong-side.

Down side, the paper was super brittle and I had to stop touching it ripping it and put it on the ground and kept going back and fourth to refer to it.