Thrift Store Haul and stalled for Scissors

Sometimes it really pays off to go to thrift stores. Today I struck gold. Just for a little background I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Sure it's the second biggest city in Iowa, but the sewing stores in town are ruled by quilters. I like to think of them as a rival gang. There are two major fabric stores in town, combined they have maybe 50 bolts of apparel fabric. Slim pickens.

So... I hit up the saddest mall ever, way more closed stores than open ones and well there happened to be a even sadder thrift store. Wandering through the crap I found that glimmer of hope in the form of a basket full of patterns. 

For 15 cents each! Then just laying around was 2 yards of mustard yellow canvas like fabric, for a dollar!

Cat approved! I'm thinking shorts? Skirt? 

Then, being on a high from my great score, I thought I would check Goodwill. BEST IDEA EVER. I had wandered around and was totally disappointed with the same old same old.

Then, under a pile of mixed matched pillow cases was a gold mine of fabric. (Each pile has at least 3 yards.) The three blues and the red one are the softest sweatshirt material. (The darkest blue has at least 4 yards, maybe more.) Either way I'm super excited because I have been meaning to try to copy my favorite hoodie.

Super cute and super see through. Maybe a lining? 

Is it just me, or does this just scream light weight sweatshirt? Oh and did I mention only 88 cents each?!

Then when I thought I had combed through the heap I saw this..

Ska pencil skirt? Track suit jacket? It's made of a polyester and my mind will be racing with ideas. Got any? 

Anyway, I should be working on my state corn dress. I have all the pattern pieces cut out and fitted and now it's time to cut. Then it dawned on me, I am about to cut the most expensive fabric I have ever used...with kitchen scissors.

Yup. Before I was sewing, these scissors had a previous life as "the sharp kitchen scissors". But I just can't bare to use them anymore. First off they give my thumb a weird bump that hasn't gone away since I picked sewing back up. But it's time to upgrade. I just can't cut silk with kitchen scissors.