White Cotton 3/4 Sleeve Dress With Pockets

BAM there she is, my interview dress. 

The collar is in need of a final press but I need to wash it still to remove all the red markings. Let's just call this, "finished but not ready for the judges yet".

3/4 sleeves and full pockets.
Full skirt for twirling.
Shirred at the waist (under belt) for a better fit and ease.
I have to tell you this has been a dream dress of mine for years. Endlessly searching for a white cotton dress with 3/4 sleeves. Let alone with pockets!  The pattern is from Gertie's New Book for Netter Sewing and the white cotton I found at Joann Fabrics. All in all it was under 20 bucks to make. This is one of those projects you look at and go "this is why I got into sewing".