That Song From Bravo's New Jersey House Wives Promo

Just a Quick bit here, I've been haunted by this song every time I hear it come on the tv. Turns out Meiko has a bunch of songs on commercials that I also love, I wont waste your time posting them all here but this one should lead you down the rabbit hole just fine.

Small Steps To the Crown

I'm not sure if it's going to be my rise or down fall that I am making my own clothing for the Mrs. Iowa pageant. I, never have been in a pageant before have been doing a lot of googling on the topic. I have gathered I will be walked into a room in front a chair, stand in front of 3 judges, and just stand there while they mark my score for presentation. Then asked to sit, and without looking behind you, sit down, cross your legs at the ankles and clasp your hands.(I tried this a few times and I might miss the chair.) From what I can gather the look for this is what I like to call "news caster chic".

So just slap together a cute sheath dress right? Wrong. I look dreadful in sheath dresses. I just don't have the curves. It just  looks like a sack hanging off me.

I opted for a more fitted white shirt dress. My idea was it would look like a mans collard shirt, crisp and office appropriate.
This Ralph Lauren number was a huge inspiration. I added pockets at the side seams of course. I am also using pearl snaps instead of buttons, and the collar I used is a little more June Cleaver than a mans shirt. 

I should be finishing the hem today and will be able you show it off real soon. Since I will be judged so hard on my look, which is ultimately all up to my craftsmanship, it adds so much pressure to every stitch.

Now the costume.I was thinking about cutting my corn fabric yesterday, but realized that the pattern I was going to use for the top might be too structured for the silk cotton fabric. I have my heart set on sleeves now weather it's going to be to hot on stage or not. Fingers crossed I have enough, I originally was going to make a strapless dress, but again with the silk... Oh well it's a reason to flip through pattern books.

I better get a move on. Only like two weeks and counting!