Glad you found the place. My odd ball life has gotten so strange I thought I should start to share what I've been up to in my work shop.(a.k.a a closet sized sewing room)

It's late now and no time for any photos yet, but here is a bit of what I am up to:

 I entered a Mrs. America pageant and am sewing my "interview" outfit which is a white cotton shirt dress with pearl snaps.
 I am opting into the state costume portion. Being from Iowa, corn is my theme. I am going to make a 60's style prom dress out of corn printed fabric.I have already made the HUGE underskirt out of neon green tulle. 

( Word up to Spoonflower.com for making a corn print in cotton silk Here)

I'm not really sure what I have gotten myself into with the pageant, which I leave for on June 12th. Tick. toc. tick. tock.