My Biggest Project Ever

Sorry for the radio silence, but I've been on a bit of a emotional roller coaster, and frankly haven't had time to really put thread to fabric.

But we are friends right? and I can tell you anything, so here goes:

It all started a week or two ago when I saw my doctor for my yearly check up. Long story short my doc was worried that I had been "trying" to have kids for years, to no avail. The doc sent me to a specialist who did some blood work. Shit came back not normal and scared the shit out of me. Some hormone levels were high, so I had to do this, not do that, and then got re-tested, with the same to worse results.  

The worry was that I had a brain tumor. ECK! The MRI was scheduled, and my mind raced as the day got closer and closer.  

PLOT TWIST! I found the reason for my elevated hormone levels on my own, I was not growing a tumor, I was growing a baby!

I took a prego test the day before the MRI, and had to rush around the morning of, proving I was pregnant so they could cancel the MRI. 

Isn't that nuts? A specialist skipped the most obvious reason for the elevated levels.

It's still super early (6 weeks in) but I made it past my first weekend without drinking, Charlie on the other hand has had a harder time giving up the sauce.